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Chemical peeling

Chemical Peeling is defined as the application of a substance, with exfoliating capacity, and whose purpose is to achieve controlled peeling of the epidermis or superficial dermis, to improve different aspects of the skin that affect those levels.

Its indications in aesthetic medicine are diverse. We have different products and combinations of these to attend to each problem, which have made peelings one of the most versatile and satisfactory treatment alternatives in the practice.

The indications are: treatment of post-acne lesions, rosacea, skin blemishes secondary to photoaging or melasma or from other treatments, facial rejuvenation with wrinkles from superficial to deep, stretch marks, loss of skin elasticity and flaccidity, among others.

The indication of the peeling as well as its application must precede a personalized diagnosis and be carried out by trained doctors to avoid complications.

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