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Ellipse balloon, how it works

Also called intragastric balloon, the Ellipse balloon consists of placing a balloon inside the stomach that will occupy part of it and will cause the patient to be satiated earlier, thus facilitating weight loss.

The procedure is performed under sedation and is quite quick. It does not require hospitalization.

This technique is ideal for people with a BMI above 30 kg/m2, who suffer from associated pathologies such as diabetes or hypertension and can achieve a loss of approximately 12 or 13% of the original weight during the first 4 months.

Ellipse is the first intragastric balloon for weight loss that does not require endoscopy for placement or removal. It is placed in the stomach by swallowing a small capsule which, in turn, is filled with liquid through a catheter, all under radiological control. At approximately 16 weeks the balloon degrades and both it and its liquid content are eliminated naturally.

How is the procedure performed?

The Ellipse intragastric balloon is inserted into a 20×6 mm capsule connected to a very fine catheter through a self-sealing valve. Once the capsule has been swallowed, its position in the stomach is monitored via the radiopaque marker on the balloon on an abdominal X-ray.

Immediately afterwards, the balloon is filled through the catheter with serum. Once it has been completely filled, the catheter is removed by pulling back.

The duration of the procedure is about 30 minutes. Before being able to return home with the medical discharge, the patient must rest for about 2 hours in the same hospital.

It is extremely important to follow a diet designed by a nutritionist while using the balloon. This diet should be reviewed a month after the start of the procedure.

It is also essential to follow an exercise program that will be maintained even after removing the balloon, in order not to gain weight again.

At what age can it be placed?

It is not necessary to consider an “appropriate” age to be able to place an Ellipse intragastric balloon; For this same reason, if we are talking about cases of very high obesity, this technique can be considered highly recommended and safe, provided, of course, that it is recommended and supervised by a specialist.

However, in the case of childhood obesity, it is always advisable to assess this procedure once the child has finished the growth phase, since the degree of obesity could improve throughout this phase.

Advantages of the Ellipse balloon

Weight loss is not the only benefit of implanting an Ellipse intragastric balloon.

  • It does not cause any dysfunction or disorder of the stomach or intestine since the stomach is not reduced by removing part of it, as is the case with bariatric surgery.
  • The risks are generally reduced as it is a non-invasive method.
  • It does not require endoscopy or deep sedation.

Likewise, the presence of the Ellipse balloon in the stomach “fools” the brain, making it believe that it is full, even when the patient has not ingested any food.

Ellipse Ball controls

An ultrasound will be done every 2-4 weeks while the balloon is in place to check that it remains swollen. The patient will be monitored for 1 year by the team that intervened throughout the procedure.

Make up your mind and bet on your change now. If you have already tried loosing weight on other occasions without success, this procedure is the one you are looking for. Ask us without obligation, we will love to answer all your questions.

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